3 Simple Ways to Master Musical Challenges

I have used the following approach in my practice over the years and have seen many students get quick results the same way. There seems to be a reluctance and aversion to all 3 of these methods. Maybe it is intrinsic in human nature to want to struggle and to speed. I don’t want to delay any longer because you are probably at least a little curious. 1) Slow down! Like the other 2 ways below, this would seem obvious. I have found that even after repeatedly asking my students to slow down when they are having difficulty, there is something about their frustration and adrenaline that makes them get faster and faster. If you can’t control your tendency to rush as you are practicing, a metronome

Private Lessons?

There is an explosion of information and interesting content on the internet today including articles, instructional videos, all kinds of recordings and video footage from some of our finest performers and thinkers. I find a lot of it inspiring and I am amazed at the quantity and much of the quality of what is easily available and free. I am interested in and have produced some content myself, so I definitely think that it is a good thing. Because I teach in person on a regular basis, I can’t help noticing how much of what happens in lessons is compelled by the particular needs, personality, gifts and challenges of the person in front of me. In other words, the process itself is more about h

Motivating Students / Ourselves

In a recent conversation with a couple of friends, who are educators, the topic of motivation came up. There were a variety of factors discussed including parental involvement and changing expectations in regard to behavior, attention, productivity and discipline. Although I empathize completely with the educator who is on the front lines, teaching everyday in a classroom setting and I understand the fatigue that can set in when you are not being supported by administrators and parents, I still believe that the quality of the learning experience is ultimately in the hands of the student and teacher. If the teacher gets frustrated, there isn’t much hope left for the students. Even if it seems

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