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Private lessons, workshops, master classes & residencies.


Lessons in person or remotely via the internet available on:

drum set, conga, djembe, vibes, marimba, snare drum, shekere and a host of other instruments.

Also available:  Beginning piano, music theory, ear training, sight singing, jazz harmony and improvisation and preparation for auditions, competitions and performances.


With my background in multiple musical traditions , I not only bring a varied aesthetic and appreciation of music to instruction, but also diverse experience with pedagogical style.  My many years of teaching and learning have prepared me to be flexible and innovative.  I emphasize process;  tirelessly presenting and exploring strategies for addressing challenges, always with compassion and patience.  My ongoing compositional and performing activities provide a vital and contemporary element to my interaction with my students. I am one of them; learning, discovering, exploring and experimenting.  

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