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Sunflower Studios

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Step into the world of professional music production with our unique, boutique recording studio located in the greater Nashville area, specializing in in-studio and remote drum and percussion tracks. 


Studio owner John Arrucci is a world-renowned percussionist known for his virtuosic playing and innovative approach to percussion. With a career spanning over three decades, he has performed with some of the biggest names in the music industry and has collaborated with numerous composers and conductors to create groundbreaking works for percussion. Arrucci's mastery of a wide range of percussion instruments, from marimba to conga, has earned him international acclaim and made him a sought-after performer and teacher. His passion for percussion and dedication to his craft continue to inspire and influence musicians around the world.

Looking for that perfect groove to take your music to the next level? Let John Arrucci drum up something special for you. With his unparalleled talent and passion for percussion, your tracks will never miss a beat!

Special shoutouts to...

The Unika Vaev acoustic products have made a profound impact on the Sunflower Studios experience. As soon as someone enters the space, they are greeted to the gorgeous visual aesthetic and then are wowed by the warmth of the sound.

Sunflower Studios features a one of a kind 5 1/2 octave Marimba, built by Doug DeMorrow. I love my DeMorrow marimba. Nothing compares! Doug is an unrivaled craftsman and artist who has an obsession with excellence!

The very best Cajon available!…Kandu!

At the heart of Sunflower Studios is the Metric Halo ULN-8. The Metric Halo ULN-8 is widely regarded as one of the best audio interfaces on the market. With its exceptional sound quality, flexible routing capabilities, and extensive DSP processing power, the ULN-8 is a powerful tool for recording, mixing, and mastering. Its high-quality preamps and converters provide pristine, transparent sound capture, while its built-in processing tools allow for detailed tweaking of every aspect of your audio.

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