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Oil in the family: using essential oils to support teaching, learning and performing

I use essential oils to support physical and mental function for myself as well as to enhance my student’s experience in lessons. The oils that I diffuse or that I might apply topically to myself or ingest depend entirely on the situation and needs. If I have a student who struggles with anxiety or is generally stressed when they arrive, I will diffuse blends such as “Stress Away”, “Peace & Calming”, and/or individual oils like lavender and frankincense. If I have a student who has difficulty focusing, I will diffuse Vetiver or blends such as “Geneyus” or “Brain Power”, which support concentration and/or peppermint and/or lemon, which oxygenate the brain. If my students or I am entering a challenging performance or other type of arena, "Valor” or other focus oils can be helpful. I always experiment, as people respond differently to oils as they do to everything else and I observe and make adjustments.

My student’s well being is at the crux of their learning experience. If they are dis-eased in any respect, their ability to comprehend and retain knowledge and skills in a lesson will be compromised. My tremendous teacher, mentor and friend Chief Bey, would always begin a lesson with a conversation about what was going on in my life. Somehow, discussing things with Chief would put me at ease, give me an optimistic view on whatever was happening generally and then, and only then, would the lesson start and I would be in the optimal state to receive what he was sharing. I have always modeled my own teaching, in part, on Chief’s way of putting me at ease. I supplement my empathy and patience with oils that will enhance the relaxed learning/teaching environment.

Not all oil companies are created equal. Many include additives and fillers and have dubious sourcing for the plant materials and distillation. I only use the premiere company for essential oils worldwide.

For more information about essential oils, contact @rosearrucci on FB or IG or send me a message.

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