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Get It and Use It

It is one thing to get it and another to use it.

We all enjoy gathering knowledge. The power lies in its application. In this information age, it is specially intoxicating to collect and hoard facts and concepts. I had a neighbor in Brooklyn, who for many years ran 3 video tape machines continuously, “for posterity” he said. Having not viewed any of the many programs he recorded, upon his death the whole lot was tossed in the trash… thousands of tapes! Sometimes, the thrill does seem to be in the “hunt”, but does that serve us?

With precious little time to do the things that we want to do, it seems an imperative that we not only strive to gain knowledge, but that we be equally dedicated to applying it. I believe that it takes more imagination and effort to apply ideas in an effective and impactful way than to have the ideas in the first place. I am an idea person. I come up with ideas all of the time. Where I fall short and where I want to be better is in prioritizing and implementing those ideas.

I have students (and have had many over the years) who, despite my repetition of strategies and solutions for their difficulties, choose to do it “their way” week after week. Think about it, what are they gaining if they come to take a lesson and they don’t TAKE the lesson with them?

If we can get one important point and resolve to subdue it to manifest something, we will benefit much more than 100 points left dormant. I have often told my students and have seen for myself, when you are learning a skill or concept, the whole thing can be realized through one revelation, one success, one “aha moment”. When you dig deep into the task you have a better chance of getting the concept or underlying principle and that will lead to man other gains. Instead of learning many beats, scales or songs, learn ONE really well and you will have progressed much further.

Many, if not all lessons learned in the practice room, on the job or in a relationship can be applied to everything that you do. I don’t know why it is necessary to learn the same lesson over and over and in various scenarios. I know that I struggle with this as I attempt to see where there is a negative pattern and review those lessons that I have learned that can change the paradigm.

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